Hangin’ with Phil

Armadale picture hanging and art arrangement service.

Hangin’ with Phil brings ten years of expertise to picture hanging – laying out and safely installing art. From placing a single painting to installing picture groups and heavy mirrors, we can advise on picture layout then safely hang to create an art environment that fits in with your style.  We offer a complete service from adding frame fittings and on-the-spot frame repairs, to making custom brackets for heavy art objects. And we bring all the equipment necessary to complete the job safely – from working in high stairwells to lifting mirrors and, importantly, locating and avoiding wiring in walls.

salon hang, multiple frames, picture wall


At Hangin’ with Phil we help homeowners, designers, galleries and businesses install all kinds of picture hanging – from paintings, prints, photos and tapestries… to sculptures, heavy mirrors, family photo walls, ‘salon’ hangs and stair-wells. We can save you having to drill holes in wallpaper and custom wall finishes by installing a gallery track system. We can also put up coat hooks, shelves and other wall fixtures. Our clients have described us as top quality, yet affordable.

With a little help your rooms can look their best.

With many years of experience hanging my own art as a collector and as my full-time occupation, preceded by 35 years as an advertising art director together with a personal interest in picture framing, cabinet making and creating art, my combination of skills is well suited to installing all kinds of art objects on walls and, on one occasion, a ceiling!

Starting with a phone discussion we can provide a plan of attack and a price estimate. So, if you’re not sure how to hang it, call Hangin’ with Phil.

About us

I started Hangin’ with Phil in 2011 in Armadale, Victoria and have since been joined in the business by my son Jamie. Together we share a passion for art – in my case having worked as an advertising art director of 35 years and, more recently, portrait painting. For Jamie it’s a love of photography. Together we help home owners and galleries with their picture hanging and can also arrange art collections, then get them safely onto the walls.

TV wall with paintings


After hanging more than 40,000 artworks over ten years we’ve seen quite a few valuable collections. However, we’ve also been surprised and delighted to hang many wonderful original works by lesser known artists. Here are a few that we’re proud to have installed.

We’re always happy to talk about art, or give over-the-phone advice on aspects of your hanging, whether it’s arranging a collection or installing heavy artworks and mirrors. To discuss your job, time involved and cost, please phone us between 9.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday on 0403 803 015. Or email us at: hangin@iinet.net.au

Sir John Longstaff portrait