What’s hangin’ in our gallery.

We’re proud of our client list and we enjoy showcasing what we do – the artworks, collections and diversity of pictures we’ve hung. Projects we undertake can range from a single artwork or mirror to groups of pictures or arranging and hanging whole homes.

One image from nine canvases combined, in Toorak

Placing nine canvases to form a single image requires precision, especially when it’s the first thing visitors see upon entry.


I fashioned this hat rack for the hallway of my own home by simply bolting crossed deer antlers (shed, not killed) to the wall.

A simple matching of key colours transformed this room from good to great.

A tight arrangement of identically framed photos becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
sporting memorabilia in Melbourne

A long, featureless hallway turned into a fascinating walk by creating a sporting memorabilia gallery.

A mirror can help light up a dark hallway, and sometimes two is better than one. The key to a great effect is making sure they align perfectly. (Not easy when the artwork is very heavy!)

sitting room study, home office with paintings The art hanger’s lair – what the art hanger hangs when he’s hangin’ at home!

Art to suit the room or a room to suit the art? When it’s hard to tell which came first, you know you have a match made in heaven.

Just what’s needed for an imposing stair landing – something large and bold – in this case a modern juxtaposition in a classic portrait.

In a corporate dining room identical frames were placed symmetrically to echo the imposing 80th floor ceiling-height windows.

A large artwork safely installed without disturbance to its delicate surroundings.

salon hang, picture wall, eclectic mix of art

Picture hanging in salon style creates a wall that entices the eye.

TV wall with paintings

The tricky art of placing paintings on the same wall as a television – don’t get too close. And keep it simple.

ingingHanging pictures in stairwell in melbourne To some its a dead zone in the home; try, instead, thinking of your stairway as an ascending salon wall.